How To Really Make Money On YouTube

One of the most rewarding things in life is being able to do something you love for a living. I started my YouTube channel as an extension of my blog. I wanted to be able to create makeup tutorials and share video content that I was limited to from a written blog. Fast forward a few years later and blogging is now my full-time job. I love helping other girls pursue their digital dreams. I get an endless amount of questions via email, social media and on my channel from girls seeking advice on the topic of blogging. I decided to create a YouTube series on my channel to answer all of those questions and allow that information to permanently remain on my channel.

One of the most popular questions I get is - how do you make money on YouTube? It's such a loaded question and something you just can't answer with just a sentence. The truth is that you have options when it comes to making money on YouTube and in order to do this full-time you'll need to utilize several of those options. In this video I'm going through all the different ways you can make money on YouTube and make this your full-time job too.