Kylie Jenner Gloss Swatches | KYLIE COSMETICS

kylieglossestn Kylie Jenner is back at it again with some newly added products to Kylie Cosmetics. The newest products she's added are glosses. I loved the Lip Kits and definitely wanted to get my hands on the glosses as well.

Kylie launched three different lip gloss shades: LIKE, LITERALLY and SO CUTE. I personally loved all three of shades. I'm a bit picky when it comes to glosses and this formula won me over instantly. The glosses are all super pigmented and not sticky at all (which I love). They feel very natural on the lips and comfortable. They all smell like vanilla cake mix just like the lip kits.

My only complaint has to do with the brush applicator. The brush used to apply the gloss is pretty long. The bristles spring out every time I use the gloss and makes it difficult to get a smooth application. Kylie announced the day after the glosses sold that for the next batch of glosses will contain a shorter, new brush applicator. Hopefully those of us who ordered from the first batch can have at least the new brush applicator sent to us as a replacement.

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