Get The SuperGlamNews App - It's FREE!

Ladies and gentlemen -- we now have an app! I've had this under wraps for quite some time now and now that the blog makeover is complete it's time to announce the SuperGlamNews app. This app is FREE to download. All you have to do is go to the app store, type in 'superglamnews' and the app will pop right up. With the app right on your phone (or tablet) you can read the latest content I publish on the blog immediately. Currently it's only available for iOS devices. When the app becomes available for other operating systems I will of course let you know. Are you reading this post from the app? Leave me a comment and let me know :)


In other digital news I wanted to remind you all about the online course that I offer through This is definitely a passion project of mine and love getting to work with other creatives who share a similar passion. When you sign up for any of my online courses I'm there to guide you and answer any of the questions you have throughout the course. I also evaluate your own blog and/or YouTube channel. The classes I currently offer are:


Something else I offer on Glam Guides are Monthly Mentorships. This personalized package allows me to work with you individually and coach you for an entire month. I want you all to succeed and live your digital dreams and through my courses and coaching I'm positive you'll achieve this and more.