How To Boost Views On Your New YouTube Video


Yes - you read that right... PROMO THE SH*T OUT OF YOUR VIDEO. Or blog post for that matter. No one knows your new video is up unless your share that video and make it easy for your followers to find it.


  • Put the link in your Instagram bio. This is something I recently started doing. is a really useful website that allows you to shorten long links and allows you to track how many clicks individual links get.
  • Share the video on Instagram stories. IG stories also has the option to add a link. All your followers have to do is swipe up to view the video.
  • Talk about the video in your stories. What is the video about? Is there something unique about this video? What will a viewer learn after watching this video? Sharing tid bits like this will make someone want to watch that video even more. Don't underestimate the power of verbally asking someone to do something.


SnapChat is pretty similar to Instagram and the steps mentioned above can also be applied to this app. I always feel like I can get even more personal with SnapChat and share a lot more behind the scenes with my #SnapFam.

  • Take your audience along for the ride of creating the video. Make it into a story. What are you filming? What do you edit on?
  • Snaps disappear after 24 hours so don't be shy -- keep sharing your video.

Don't limit yourself to Instagram and SnapChat. I wanted to share specific tips on how useful these two social media outlets are. You can also share your work anywhere that you have some type of following like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

Plain and simple if you want views on your work you have to share, share, share. 

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