Getting Acupuncture For My Pain

A few days ago I had been having terrible migraines and feeling fatigued. I stopped by the NJ Acupuncture Center hoping to get some relief.

I went to their Bayonne office and as soon as I stepped in the center I started to feel better. NJ Acupuncture has a clean and calm energy that puts you right at ease. The center is also quite beautiful.

Ani Baran, who is the owner and lead acunpunturist, spoke to me prior to the treatment. I explained the discomfort the migraines had been causing me, and she assured me that acupuncture would definitely help with that.


Ani proceeded to apply the acupuncture needles to my feet, face and head. A heat lamp was also placed over me. After a few minutes I turned over and needles were applied to my back. The placement of the acupuncture needles aided with inflammation and tension. By relieving that tension, the pain was experiencing would subside.

After the treatment my migraine was completely gone. While you’re laying on the bed, a sense of calmness comes over you. All of a sudden the needles are out and the pain is gone.


Acupuncture is a great option for many other things like pain, inflammation, fertility and even weight loss. If you’re curious about acupuncture or any of the other treatments offered at this facility, reach out to NJ Acupuncture Center.

Also, check out their Instagram Account. I love seeing the treatments they offer in action through the videos they post.

Want to see the acupuncture I got in action? I captured it all on the vlog.