Tape In Hair Extensions 101

Everything you need to know about tape in hair extensions, you can find in this blog post.

Over the past year I have become the tape-in hair extension queen (in my mind anyways). From the moment I gave them a try I fell in love with tape-ins as a hair extension option. Every single day, and I mean, EVER SINGLE DAY, my DM's are filled with questions about tape-ins. To make things easier I'm sharing all of the knowledge and videos I've created on tape-in extensions in this blog post.  After you watch the videos, if you have more questions check out the FAQ's below.

This video shows me getting tape-ins for the first time. It was definitely one of those love at first sight moments. I knew instantly that I'd be obsessed with this method of hair extensions.

Here we have my most in-depth video on tape-ins. This video definitely answers most of the questions you will think of. Of all the videos, I'd say watch this one.

When I got the tape-ins done for the second time, I filmed an update vlog-style video. The update starts at the [6:30] mark but feel free to watch the entire vlog.

To watch more of my videos click here & subscribe to my channel. Still have questions? Keep scrolling for the FAQ's.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long do the tape-ins last once installed?

How long the tape-ins last will depend on a variety of factors: How quickly your own hair grows, the quality of the hair/tape & how well you take care of them. I have lasted as little as 4 weeks with them installed and as long as 2 months. 

Can you re-use the hair?

Yes, you can. With the Amazon hair, that I purchase, I can use the hair for 2 applications. 

How do you like the quality of the hair?

The Amazon extensions are great quality for the price point. That being said, I have no other tape-ins to compare them to because these are the only ones I've tried. While I do like the hair, sometimes I'll get a batch that doesn't last as long as others have. I definitely want to give other brands/sellers a try.

What shampoo/conditioner do you use?

I always switch up my shampoo and conditioner. But, I only work the conditioner on the ends of my hair. You don't want to use oils or conditioners that offer a ton of moisture where the tapes are applied. This will loosen them up and the hair will slide right off.

Can you dye the hair?

Yes. I have dyed my extensions black in the past. Keep in mind the more you dye them, the more you ruin the quality. If you plan on bleaching the hair, this could end up frying them and making the extensions rough. Dying them black didn't take too much of a toll on the hair.

Do tape-ins damage your hair?

With any type of hair extensions you can experience damage. Personally I haven't had noticeable damage. My hair has grown a ton.

How many boxes of hair do you use? What length?

I always use 4 boxes of hair (I like tons of volume) and get the 20" tape-ins.

What color do I get?

When my hair was black I used to get the color 1. Now that it's brown I get the color 1b. 

Are you still using the Amazon hair?

Yes, this is the seller I've always purchased from - http://amzn.to/2vpuCQl