Ziaja Skin Care Line Rewiew

Ziaja Ziaja, a Polish-based cosmetics company, offers products for the face, body, and hair. They have a range of product including -- Goat’s Milk, Natural Olive Oil, Marigold, Aloe, Marine Algae, and their Mens line. I tried products from the Goat’s Milk and Natural Olive Oil lines. Goat’s Milk, because I have never used any skin care products like this and wanted to see the benefits of goat’s milk proteins for the skin. The natural olive oil line I tried, because I know olive oil has great health benefits for skin and hair and I wanted to compare it to other olive oil products I have tried in the past.

From the Goat’s Milk line I used the Goat’s Milk Creamy Shower Gel and the Goat’s Milk Body Balm. The creamy and lightly scented formula of the shower gel left my skin feeling smoother and softer. The goat’s milk proteins and Provitamin B5 helped to revitalize the skin and after using it my skin felt more moisturized than most shower gels tend to leave it. Much like the shower gel, the body balm has a pleasant, light smell to it. The balm absorbs wonderfully and also left my skin feeling smooth and soft.

From the Natural Olive Oil line I tried the Natural Olive Body Butter. My absolute favorite out of the bunch was this body butter. The formula, made of Vitamin E and essential unsaturated fatty acids, is rich and creamy. My skin was left feeling extremely moisturized, soft, and silky smooth. When it comes to body butters, this is the best one I have tried yet. I would replenish my supply continuously to maintain the state the body butter left my skin in.

My skin greatly benefited from trying these products. They all smoothed out any rough areas, moisturized the dry ones, and left it feeling newer and firmer. What I appreciate most about them is how much they complement one another. After a shower, using the Goat’s Milk Creamy Shower Gel then applying the Natural Olive Oil Body Butter, they kept my skin intensely hydrated for the nights. For the mornings, the shower gel and Goat’s Milk Body Balm, had my skin smelling and feeling great – keeping it moisturized for hours. All products (not just the ones I tried) cost less than $10 for large amounts of product and great quality. Head over to zjashop.com to try some of their amazing skin and hair care products.