YouTube vs. Blogging | Why You Need Both

Having a Youtube channel is time-consuming. Having a blog is time-consuming. Having both a YouTube channel and a Blog -- well there goes all of your time. I maintain both a channel and a blog and it's a lot of work. One of my biggest struggles last year was trying to figure out how to manage each outlet and come up with different content for the two. It's not an easy task and sometimes I let my blog suffer because I made YouTube a priority. I'm still working on balancing the two and coming up with ways to make it work, and so can you. Do you need to have both a blog and a channel in order to be successful? No, you don't. However, having both has helped my career tremendously. At first I saw my blog and my channel as the same thing. I was trying to create the same type of content. It wasn't until I separated the two and realized that what may work for the blog might not work for my channel, and vice versa, that it all started to get a little easier.


Creating and maintaining a blog is a lot of work and writing. What I love about blogging is that I can use both words and photos to express myself. I'm able to fully describe products and insert links (that makes finding things for my readers super easy). My blog posts always tell a story.

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YouTube Channel

Having a YouTube channel really lets the audience get to know you, because you can't edit your personality. I love being to show my audience things through video that wouldn't necessarily make sense through written word. I can show them the steps I took to create a hairstyle, how I use a product or makeup tricks I've discovered.


Having both a YouTube channel and a blog allows me to reach two completely different audiences. That leverage will draw brands in and land you paid campaigns. This helps especially when you have a smaller following, because it allows you to combine the two audiences when you're working with brands. Their products or service will be seen in video and a blog write-up. Personally, it also allows you to express yourself in more than one way. Some days I feel like talking to a camera and others I want to write something out. Working on my blog and channel gives me more than one way to be creative and I love that.

What I want to stress is that you don't need both a blog and channel to be successful. However having the two outlets will work to your advantage. Some people hate being in front of the camera and others hate to write. Either way I say give them each a try because you never know what you'll end up falling in love with. I swore up and down that I would never start a channel because I would suck at it, but ended up becoming obsessed with creating videos. In the end do what you love and never force anything that doesn't feel right or fit your brand.