My YouTube Filming Setup - Lighting + Equipment

Yesterday I went live on Periscope (@melissaflores) to give you a behind the scenes look at my filming setup. Periscope is a pretty cool app. If you don't have it on your iPhone I suggest you download it now. With Periscope you can watch live broadcasts, unfiltered, and conduct broadcasts of your own. I love the way you can connect with people all over the world and most importantly that I get to chat with you guys LIVE! But, enough about Periscope, today's post is about filming setup for your YouTube channel. Having the right lighting and equipment can really determine the quality of your videos. I'm always searching for ways to make my videos even better. The setup that I have today has drastically changed the quality of my videos. As promised here are links to everything I use:



2 Soft Boxes- LimoStudio 700W Photography Softbox Lighting Kit -- This set brings two soft boxes and two 85W bulbs.

Ring LightDiva Ring Light 'Nebula' LED Ring Light -- For the price listed you're only getting the actual ring light without the stand for it -- I purchased a separate tripod listed below. This is currently the latest ring light model on that website. Instead of an actual bulb, it has LED lights. I love this so much better because the LED lights don't produce heat. I also love this model because you can control the brightness level.


filming equipment


Record YouTube VideosCanon70D -- That is the exact bundle I purchased with the 18-55mm lens. Amazon offers other bundles for you to choose from.

Record Vlogs + PhotosSony a5100 -- You can purchase it on Amazon or BestBuy. The pricing is always changing. Sometimes it's cheaper on Amazon or vice versa. When I purchased the camera it was cheaper at BestBuy at that moment so that's where I got mine from. Camera is available in black and white (I have the black one).

Tripods- Ravelli Light Weight Aluminum Tripod -- I have 2 of these tripods. When I film one is used to mount the camera and the other has the ring light attached.


editing software


ComputeriMac -- Personally I recommend an apple computer because I love the editing capabilities. Before getting an iMac I used to edit on my MacBook Pro.

Editing SoftwareFinal Cut Pro -- I've been editing all of my videos on Final Cut for the past year. It's a similar setup to iMovie so if you're switching over from that it won't be too difficult to pick up Final Cut Pro. Final Cut is pricey, about $300, but Apple allows you to download a free 30-day trial. I suggest getting the trial on the exact day you plan on editing so you can use it as much as possible and figure out if you want to pay for the software after the 30 days are up. iMovie is also great and FREE when you have an Apple computer. You can learn how to use both of the editing softwares by watching tutorials on YouTube.

MicrophoneBlue Snowball Microphone -- For voiceover recording I use this microphone. At the moment I don't use any external mics while I'm recording regular YouTube videos.

Before purchasing anything, I always recommend doing your research and looking up other places to get the best deal possible. All of these items are pretty pricey, but I've invested in them in order to create the best videos possible. I hope this post was helpful for anyone who has a channel of their own. Continue to invest in yourself and your channel.