Winter Nail Polish Picks

It's finally beginning to get chilly in Texas, which means it's time to put away the neon nail polishes. While going through my collection, I rediscovered some of my favorite cold weather colors, and I'm so excited to wear them again! These are all still available in stores for under $10.  

Essie's Marathin is one of my favorite polishes of all time. It's a creamy mauve color that is incredibly flattering on the fingers. It's not too bright for fall and winter, but is still a girly pink.
I Love You by Sinful Colors is really beautiful up close. It's a dark purple with pink and green duo-chrome glitter. It's dark enough to be vampy for the cold weather, but much more interesting than black. The glitter is so finely milled that it is easy to remove with a little acetone, which is always a good thing.
Buy Me A Cameo is one of the best metallics you can buy. It is shiny without being glittery, and it really reflects the light like a metal would. It's a gorgeous rose gold color, and we all know rose gold is a huge trend this year. It does extenuate all the ridges and imperfections in your nails, but it's still a great color.
 Another metallic I love is Because You're Worth It by L'Oreal. It has the perfect amount of shimmer and shine to make your finger tips look like they were dipped in real gold. It's a great neutral color that goes with any outfit.
 L'Oreal's Violet Vixen is an absolutely stunning raspberry purple color. It's not too purple and not too red, and has the perfect amount of creaminess. I cannot even explain how beautiful this color is.
A dark red is a staple for fall and winter. This one, Resilient Red by Sally Hansen, is a great. In person, it's more of a blood-red-- it's not quite maroon, but not a true red either. Usually one coat is enough with this one, and it makes your fingers look long and ladylike.