Winter Fashion Trend Report: Pastels, Leather, and Patterns!


Printed/Slouchy Pants- This season, we are seeing fun twists on the classic skinny pant. We see a lot of cargo/cameo print, as well as floral and tribal print in looser sihoulettes. These are a great way to be daring and make a statement!

Pretty Pastels- Pastels suprisingly have transferred in to to Winter from Spring/Summer 2012. We are seeing alot of crisp whites, mints,  and refreshing colors. This trend is perfect for those ladies that are playful and whismical.

Studs/Biker- Studs are huge this season. They are the IT embellisment this winter, and can be seen on shoes, bags, sweaters, and frocks. It adds a bit of additude to any ensemble.

Leather- We are seeing mixed media jackets, dresses, and tops. This means a regular cotton tee with leather sleeves or leather trimming. It's a fun twist on everyday basics, and is super trendy.

Beanies- This is my favorite accessory this season. It adds a grungy, care-free vibe and is also super warm for the colder months!

I hope you girls have fun incorporating some of these trends in to your everyday wardrobe! xoxo M.