Wierd and Wacky but True

Although my week at the shore has ended, spending some fun in the sun has taught me a few good beauty tips or two! So, if your're planning to hit the shore a few more times before labor day keep in mind these wierd but wacky beauty tips.

Vinegar for Sunburns This one might be hard to read but vinegar just might be the quickest and easiest way to combat sunburns. Although the vinegar might burn on initial contact to the skin, it's sure to take away those nasty burns. This trick works best at night! Just be careful not to get the vinegar in your eye area, and make to take a shower the next morning to avoid smelling like a salad!

Baby Powder Eye Primer When your at a beach bar, club, or any party spot -- keeping on your eye makeup proves to be a challenge especially during the summer time. Since baby powder absorbs oil and sweat, your makeup, liner and all will be sure to stay in place.

Have any other wierd and wacky but true beauty secrets. Share them with me on Twitter @CourtneyLeiva.