What's New For Summer? by Jennifer Rigglesby

It seems that the 60’s and 70’s are being re-vamped. Wherever you look there are bold prints, bright colours and tunics. I half expect disco balls and lava lamps to appear in every home any minute now. But women’s clothes today have taken a trip down memory lane; this is not bad, in fact it is quite exciting.

At Joe Browns their ‘new in for summer’ for women is a blast form the past. Side split trousers and tunics seem to be all the rage, whilst the genie trouser is going strong for a second year running.  All the designs are made up in beautiful colourful fabrics that have a simple or bold print to them. One look at this range and you will be raring to go this summer!

The ‘sexy side split trousers’ are perhaps the most exotic item at Joe Browns. At £19.95 they are a bargain and a garment you will probably find you will wear time and time again. They are made of a light chiffon material that has a suitable pastel coloured pattern. The top part that hugs your waist and hips has a layer underneath to give density to the fabric, whilst the rest is see-through and floats effortlessly round your legs until it tightly nips in round your ankles. They're perfect to wear with casual tops as the trousers should really be the central part of the outfit.

These trousers are perfect for those hot summer days and nights. They are comfortable, fashionable and a real statement. The name has it right when it says ‘sexy’. You will definitely feel beautiful in these trousers.

Women’s clothes can sometimes be so drab, this is why this summer range is so exciting. It is colourful and bold. You will not be hiding behind muted or oversized clothes this summer. You will be blending in with the flowers and the sunshine. Surely that is what summer is all about; feeling bright and cheerful.

So stock up on the Joe Browns summer collection and enjoy all that it brings.