Weirdest Revlon Foundation

colorstay aqua


I expected Revlon's ColorStay Aqua to be comparable to Bare Minerals, but it's definitely different. It is a powder, but when you apply it, it feels cold and not powdery at all. It actually feels like it has been refrigerated, which can be nice and refreshing in the summer time, but will catch you off guard at first. Other than its unusual temperature, it also has a weird texture. It doesn't look like a powdery mineral makeup, and it doesn't look like a liquid makeup either. It's not matte and not dewy.

The whole ColorStay line is awesome, this product included, but I wouldn't recommend using it as a mineral foundation because it doesn't give a lot of coverage. Its natural looking texture makes it work well as a setting powder or as a refreshing touch up product. I definitely think that this is a unique formula and is worth a try if you want something new.