My Week On Instagram


1. Inspirational notebooks| 2. Neutrogena + Cosmo| 3. Hat day| 4. Energy crystals| 5. My everyday makeup routine| 6. Onecklace giveaway| 7. New lens by Sigma| 8. My photog♡| 9. With Laura Prepon of Orange Is The New Black

Throughout the years I've learned that you can never go wrong by investing in yourself and on your dreams. I'm constantly thinking of ways I can improve my blog as well as my YouTube channel. Some improvements are free like  incorporating new ideas and methods. Other times they cost me a little something (or a lot of something) like a new layout, or filming equipment.

The investments I've made in myself have never failed me. I always walk away learning something new or improving someway or another. Take away lesson: Always invest in yourself!

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