My Week On Instagram


1. Cafe Bustelo KCups| 2. There's always lipstick| 3. Super Glam Newsletter!| 4. The cutest puppy face| 5. Filming day| 6. Self tanner review| 7. #Mendhi #henna #tattoo| 8. Twinny bestie| 9. Night out

This was a week of discoveries. I discovered a new K-cup (which I'm obsessed with) a new self-tanner and most importantly I discovered that I need to rest. You can be completely in love and passionate about what you do, but if you don't take occasional breaks to simply relax you're going to crash.

These past four years I've spent blogging have taught me many lessons. Many mistakes have been made, but all of it has made me a better writer and blogger. I'm working on something to help all my fellow bloggers out no matter what level of blogging you're in.


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