My Week On Instagram


1. My first style post in a VERY long time| 2. Chris captures the best moments| 3. Filter overload| 4. Filming with her♡| 5. Too hot to wear anything but dresses this week| 6. Floral maxi style post| 7. Happy 4th of July| 8. Day at the state fair| 9. Him♡

I love our weekly talks. Well, it's  a little less talking a lot of me writing my thoughts and hoping you guys read them. This week I went back to working on a type of post that I hadn't done since last Summer -- style posts. Once the Wintertime hit and hibernation set in for me, I didn't get much time to go out and shoot style posts. What made it even more impossible to shoot this type of post is having to work full-time on top of maintaining my blog and other writing obligations.

Now that the weather is much nicer I'm going to have style posts regularly every week and hope to continue with this long after Summer has ended. I know how much you guys enjoy this type of post and I love being able to create it for you.

Hope you all had an amazing 4th of July weekend! xoxo