My Week On Instagram


1. Our favorite cocktail on the ship|2. Traveling companions|3. Tanning life iPad + drinks|4. Boho braid|5. The moment I fell in love with false lashes|6. Missed her so much while I was away!|7. Best vacation ever<3|8. Kelly Osbourne MAC Collection| 9. Send me your questions for my GET TO KNOW ME VIDEO

My Week On Instagram is back and I've missed writing my weekly recap for you guys! I was on a much-needed vacation and have returned refreshed and more motivated than ever. Sometimes when you feel stuck or in need of inspiration, walking away from what's stumping you does the trick. My blog wasn't stumping me, but being away from it for a week made me realize how much I love what I do. It also reminded me of how much the interaction I have with all of you means to me.

This week I jumped right into finishing up my book (which we're shooting for a Summer release) and straight into filming new videos.

Hope you all enjoy your Sunday and a very Happy Father Day!