Wear Flowers on Your Face

Have you ever thought about wearing flowers on your face as makeup? Well now you can. Zuii Organics is an Australian based company that offers all-natural products. I tried two of their lip tints and a blush and fell in love.

The Zuii Organic blush($28.95) in Grapefruit is super rosey. With two sweeps of it on the cheeks it's enough, and stays on your skin for as long as you want it too. For those of you glam dolls with busy schedules, the last thing you want to do is re-apply makeup. You wont have to with this.

The lip tints($24.95) are perfect for an everyday look or a night out. Jasmin is sheer but very sparkly. Frangapani adds a hint of color with the same amount of shimmer. Like the blush there's no need to constantly re-apply.

Visit www.zuiiorganic.com for more information and try their products for yourself!