VLOG: Personal Trainer Food + Update

mealvlog I signed up for one of the Personal Food Trainer meal programs and will be following it for the next 28 days. The meal program I chose brings breakfast, lunch and dinner for the entire 28 days. The food comes in a huge cooler and is delivered to your home just two to three days after you place the order. The food provided has no sugar, carbs or even gluten -- basically all of the things I typically eat everyday.

All you have to do is store the food in your freezer. As you'll see in the vlog it was pretty tough storing it all in the freezer because there's so much food, but after about a week a lot more space will be made. When you sign up for the program you pick what foods you want to receive for every single meal so no matter what, you won't have to worry about eating something you don't like. The food comes in sealed, plastic bags:

  • Breakfast: Your breakfast will come in one bag
  • Lunch & Dinner: For lunch and dinner you will choose 1 bag of vegetables and 1 bag with your meat of choice


I am now on Day 5 of the program. The food tastes so delicious and I look forward to eating my meals every day. The portions are small so you think you'll be hungry soon after, but you actually get pretty full. For snacks I'll have either an apple in between meals or snack on pistachios or almonds. On Day 1 my body felt very sore and I read that was because of the sugar withdrawals. Our sugar intake is WAY higher than what we're supposed to have everyday. Now that I'm not having a lot of it my body is experiencing withdrawals as it goes down to a lower level.

I haven't craved pasta, burgers, fries or anything like that, but on Day 1 and 2 I was craving cake and sweet things like crazy. I thought I was going to crack, but now that I'm on Day 5 it's gotten a lot easier. For drinks I let myself have a glass of orange juice some mornings. The rest of the day I chug water like crazy and have tea about 3 times a day as well. (I drink Skinny Tea Tox & code MELISSA will get you a discount) The tea has helped me not crave coffee which I was used to having every single day. I haven't had coffee in 2 weeks now (I stooped having coffee a week prior to starting this meal plan) and I do not crave it. Instead I look forward to having my tea.


When I weighed myself on Monday morning I was at 133lbs (the last time I was at this weight was about 2-3 years ago). This morning I weighed myself again and I dropped 4lbs in just these 5 days. I'm now at 129lbs. I didn't exercise this week, but I'm going to start working out again next week now that my body has adjusted to this huge change in eating.

Before starting this I felt bloated EVERY DAY! My bloating went away 3 days into the program and my stomach is almost as flat as I want it to be :) I'm going to get you guys some more photos in the next update. I will also take photos of some of my meals.

Cost/Meal Plans:

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 11.38.27 AM

The program in my opinion is pricey, but perfect for lazy (lol)  people who can't cook like me. Or people who just have a lot going on and need something super strict that doesn't have them questioning ingredients.  The 3 meals a day program I chose is originally $389 if you get it on their website. However, you can save some money by purchasing the deal off Groupon here. To plans are listed above but you can also Check them out here.

I've tried making healthier meals and eating clean on my own, but it hasn't worked. This program makes it so easy it's impossible not to follow it correctly. If you guys have any questions leave them below and I will answer them in my next vlog and future blog updates.