Vine Vera Review

eyecollection2_1 Skin care has always been important to me. Now that I'm in my 20's I'm focusing on taking care of my skin even more by using preventative products. By that I mean I'm now incorporating anti-aging skin care. A mistake many women make when hearing the words anti-aging is that it's something they don't have to worry about until they start seeing wrinkles, fine lines and saggy skin -- wrong! In order to avoid those dilemmas you need to start incorporating anti-aging and other preventative products into your skin care routine while in your 20's.

I searched high and low for the perfect eye cream and finally found that I love -- Vine Vera's Resveratrol Eye Firming Complex. Resveratrol is what Vine Vera is calling the secret to youth and is the main ingredient in all of the Vine Vera products. Resveratrol has been found in many plants and helps them fight against stress. The ingredient serves as a powerful antioxidant and is over three times more effective than Vitamin C.

With an ingredient that powerful I was excited to start using this firming eye cream. A month into the experience I am loving Resveratrol Firming Eye Complex and use it day and night. It's the first product I apply in the morning and I never skip it before bed time as well. This eye cream always leaves the skin around my eyes feeling rested. For early mornings especially this cream is a must, because it helps with depuffing, is gentle on my skin and keeps the area tight.

Using Resveratrol Firming Eye Complex makes me feel confident that the area around my eyes will remain firm and bag-free.