Unique Contact Lenses

We change our style, hair and makeup on a daily basis, but there’s something else we play around with too -- our eyes. Contacts make it possible to play around and try different colors. In order to rock them with confidence they need to be comfortable. Some contact lenses dry out or are just too uncomfortable to wear all day. Lensvillage.com not only has comfortable lenses, but they have a ton of colors and types to choose from. Normally I wear clear contacts but I decided to try a not-so-ordinary color. I received two pairs of lenses from www.lensvillage.com. One was the I. Fairy collection in Cherry. This one was a yellow-greenish color. The other was from Dollyeye collection in Blue Blytheye. This pair was my absolute favorite. The blue color was so intense and vibrant. It made my eyes instantly pop! I was able to keep the lenses on without any discomfort or having them dry out.

Halloween is next month and if you’re looking to add a little something extra to your costume these lenses are a great idea. They have crazy designs available and colors that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Check them out today and let me know what fun colors your find!