Underwear That Helps You Look Thinner

underwear to help you look skinnier, spanx Yes -- working out and eating right is essential in feeling and looking your best. But sometimes a little Spanx goes a long way. No girl likes any type of bulging around the stomach area or back fat. In today's video I'm sharing three different undergarments that will get rid of those problems for you -- even if it's just for the day.

First up is Yasmin Joseph Lingerie. I've been using the Valentina Sexy Tee bra and love it so much that I have it in both black and white. This bra is the perfect t-shirt bra. It completely elliminates back rolls and instead gives a smooth back appearance.

If you want something a little sexier then you'll love Felina. The Felina bra I show also has that sheer, stretchy back perfect for concealing back rolls.

And now for my favorite of the three -- Assets by Spanx. Spanx are a favorite of celebrities like Kim Kardashian and can also be a bit pricey. Fortunately for us Spanx creator, Sara Blakely, has created a collection for Target with much reasonable prices. The mid-thigh shaper flattens your tummy, lifts your booty and helps create the perfect hourglass shape. This little guy is my secret weapon when it comes to swearing my favorite form-fitting dresses.

Watch the video below for more info!


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