Under 18 Surgery - Too Much Too Young

Children as young as six years of age have undergone cosmetic surgery because of bullying. The German government is planning to ban cosmetic surgery for children under 18 years of age, a movement that many people want to see happen in the USA and perhaps all around the world. That’s not to say that cosmetic surgery is untrustworthy, the UK’s leading cosmetic surgery provider, mya.co.uk, has strict guidelines that they must follow such as using General Medical Council registered surgeons and Nursing and Midwifery Council registered nurses.


The Pros of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery can drastically alter your physical appearance which is the main reason why people undergo cosmetic surgery in the first place. Often, after having cosmetic surgery, the patient feels more confident in their own skin and as a result, they are able to socialize better with others without feeling insecure about their physical appearance. Cosmetic surgery is life changing and can have a positive effect on someone’s overall outlook on life and on themselves.

The Cons of Cosmetic Surgery

Unfortunately, cosmetic surgery comes with some physical risks and there is always the possibility, no matter how small, that the procedure could go wrong or the patient is left with an undesired outcome. Plastic surgery comes with a price, and it’s an expensive one! Some procedures can cost up to thousands of pounds and even after the surgery, happiness is not guaranteed.

Why Do People Have Cosmetic Surgery? 

People may opt for cosmetic surgery because of bullying or a physical deformity that they wish to correct. Others go under the knife because of health reasons, such as patients who are recovering from breast cancer or those who opt for a nose job to help with breathing difficulties. The quest for beauty seems to be the most popular reason to undergo cosmetic surgery in an attempt to look more attractive and to gain confidence.

Should only certain procedures be banned?

If cosmetic surgery is to be banned for all minors it leads to the question, should only certain procedures be banned? Some procedures are much less harmful to minors such as a simple teeth whitening procedure. Perhaps the government should decide on which individual cosmetic procedures should be allowed and which should be banned for those less than 18 years of age.