Ultimate Skirt Guide: Mini, Midi and Maxi

Spring style is synonymous with chic minis, midis and maxis, all gracefully donning the runways of designers' Spring 2013 collections. Powerhouses such as Rebecca Taylor and Prada, as well as large retailers such as ASOS, Topshop and MANGO have incorporated the three skirt trends for this season. Read on for unique and practical tips for styling any hemline! Photo Courtesy: summerclothing.us.com

The Mini

The very word evokes images of the late 80's and 90's, with  ladies styling denim minis with black ankle tights or micro-minis paired with kitten heels. Thinking back to your mini-skirt stage, you may or may not have come up with a few questionable ensembles in your mind. The mini has since evolved into a more relatively conservative length, with hemlines hitting mid-thigh. Reflective of modern culture, a few tips below guide the fashion-forward to styling this risque trend.

  1. Go for a high-waisted mini. Not only does it enhance your upper assets  its cinch at the waist gives this skirt trend a more modern take. Look for ones with pockets on the side, for a voluminous look.
  2. Keep it simple. Pair your mini skirt with a crewneck, blazer and new Kate Spade Keds for a preppy, sophisticated vibe. 

Photo Courtesy: pinkchocolatebreak.com

The Midi

Made popular over the last two years, the midi skirt features a longer hemline than the usual skirts, reaching halfway down to your calves. Debuting during the 1970's, the midi exudes a retro-chic feel, especially as many midi skirts come in geometric patterns and prints. The most unconventional skirt from the three, the midi tailors to all who can daringly rock shorter skirts while also yearning for longer, more conservative lengths.

  1. Pay attention to your height. Fortunately, taller ladies have the advantage on this one, as any midi skirt can be worked with. If you're a bit shorter (5'3 and below), head for a midi that hits just above or below the knee.
  2. Pair accordingly. If your midi is more simple, select a more fitted, possibly printed top. For a pleated or more fuller midi, pair with a silk button-down or a crewneck sweater.

Photo Courtesy: minxsociety.com

The Maxi

Of the three skirt styles, the maxi skirt seems to be the most versatile. Its length makes the maxi skirt seem more trendy, while comfort and style are simultaneously added to the mix. Maxis should exude a sense of effortlessness and style - read below for tips on how to wear maxis like a pro!

  1. You can wear the same maxi throughout all four seasons. Take a forest green maxi, for instance. Fall - pair with a white tee under a fitted denim jacket with brown booties. Winter - wear with a fitted, black sweater and a faux fur vest. Spring - pair with a complementary floral top, a sleek blazer and pumps. Summer - wear with a beige tank and brown gladiator sandals. Versatility at its finest. 
  2. Length is everything. At the risk of looking careless, ensure that the maxi skirt just grazes over and does not drag over the floor.

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