Twitter Advice from Designer Stacy Igel from Boy Meets Girl U.S.A.!

As Boy Meets Girl is one of my most favorite brands, that's why on Tuesday night I couldn't pass off the opportunity of attending designer Stacy Igel's Twitter Chat #BehindtheSeams.

On Tuesday, September 12, Twitter users were allowed to send Stacy any questions that they may have about her success with the Boys Meet Girl Brand. Below are some of the things I learned from chatting with Miss Stacy Igel.

1. @CourtneyLeiva: Who are your designing Influences

@StacyIgel : Ty for question #1 Coco Chanel, Eli Tahari, Zandra Rhodes, Donna Karen also Ralph Lauren & Alexander Mcqueen & Missioni.

2. @CourtneyLeiva: What makes Boy Meets Girl better than most brand's on the market? #behindtheseams

@StacyIgel: This Very Moment :)

3. @CourtneyLeiva: Would you use a celebrity for the Boy Meets Girl Brand?

@StacyIgel: I work with incredible artists & like to collaborate and not pinpoint ! celebrity to the brand!