Twisted Fairytales From ghd by Felicity Draggon

As a producer of hair styling products, the ghd brand faces a lot of competition. In a world where we are obsessed with our appearance, hair styling products are becoming increasingly popular with both women and men as we become more independent when it comes to styling our hair.

Instead of heading to a salon for an expensive cut and style, more and more people choose to experiment at home to create unique, bold looks. To do that they need the best in heat styling technology and that is exactly what ghd provides. However, to draw attention away from their hundreds of competitors, ghd has had to step up their game over recent years with exciting advertising campaigns that grab the spotlight and refuse to let go.

One of their most recent campaigns, and one that will hopefully be extended in the future, is the Twisted Fairytales concept.

This campaign saw a beautiful ghd model take on the role of Cinderella – but this is a fairytale heroine with a twist! As you’ll see if you catch the official TV advert at, ghd’s Cinderella has a bit more bite than the passive princess of the original. She also looks stunning, as do the belles of the ball who surround her.

If you find yourself inspired by these beautiful ghd hairstyles, you can create them yourself with the help of ghd’s hairstyles guide. Thanks to ghd’s “Get the Looks” initiative, which provides a range of helpful styling guides, you can follow step by step instructions and become a fairytale princess yourself.

To create any one of the five available hairstyles featured in the advert, visit Here you can access video and still image guides that will walk you through the process until you, too, look like something out of a twisted fairytale! This advert was focused around the story of Cinderella – what other fairytales will ghd twist as a part of this enchanting campaign?