Trends From The Golden Globes

As we all know, the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards was just held on January 12. A lot of famous Hollywood stars attended this Pageant, especially many female stars with fabulous dresses and fine makeup looks. You must want to be one of them. All of this makes you dazzling and fall into a reverie, dreaming that you are the famous star or a princess walking on the red carpet, smiling to all the people. What a sweet dream. But now your dream can be come true. You can also dress like a famous star or a princess. A lot of inspiration comes out after the Golden Globe.Most of the evening dresses varied in terms of styles and colors. But careful people can see some trends of fashion for year of 2014 from this evening. With these tips, I'm sure your dream will come true. And you must be the most shinning one no matter in this year`s parties, balls, gatherings, or dates. By the way, the valentine`s Day is coming soon. So you must want to get some ideas of dresses for your sweet date. Now, look at the collection showing to you. The most worthy of mention is black and white color. Though black and white colors are simplicity, when these two colors match together, it always can present a stunning effect. Here are some collections from the Golden Globe.


 And here is the inspiration of it. All of them are the perfect combination of black and white.

unnamed-1 And then, let `s enjoy the dress of Naomi Watts at Golden Globe as well as two dresses I recommend for you.

unnamed-2Are they gorgeous dresses? All the inspiration dresses are from 1 Dress. One Shoulder prom dresses, V-neck prom Dresses or Halter Prom Dresses, no matter what kind of dresses you want, you can find it here.