Travel Packing Tips to Fit your Fashion Essentials

Photo Courtesy: Vacation days approved. Getaways booked. Finals are over. Such are the jovial, encouraging indicators of summer time, which is fast approaching. Before you head out to purchase your essentials, think once more before taking out that plastic. Consider the following tips to aid you for your travels:

  1. Bring items you absolutely cannot live without. Is it that sheer, white tunic for the beach? Or your go-to little black dress? This way, you're guaranteed an outfit, instead of wondering why you brought with you an item you are never going to wear.
  2. Stuff accessories, undergarments and light tank tops in your shoes and/or sneakers. Not only are you saving space, but you'd be surprised how much of each can fit in one shoe.
  3. Start with a neutral color palette to pack around - classic black, beige, white, grey or navy blue are great starting points. Pick a timeless piece that you can wear more than once - perhaps a LBD or a grey trouser - and build your wardrobe pieces around this classic piece.
  4. Speaking of color palettes - if you're sticking with neutral or colorful palettes, whatever the taste, make sure you incorporate different fabrics of each color. For instance, if you're attending an all-black affair in the big city, not only do you want to pack your LBD, but you want to make sure you're including black chiffon, black linen, black ruffled shirts for your off-time as well.
  5. If you are going on a weekend trip, eliminate your hair products (which can end up weighing a ton!) by investing in a good hairstyle or blow-out that can last you a few days. Not only are you packing lighter, you're saving time by eliminating the need to work on your hair every morning!
  6. Bring one day bag and one night bag - anything more will just add room to your already tightly packed luggage. Trust that your essentials for traveling will only need one day bag - preferably one that is versatile enough for both the beach as well as traveling into town. As for your night bag, a neutral color of either black or beige is complementary to any color, style and prints!
  7. Do not underestimate the power of shawls, pashminas and scarves. Not only are they an added accessory to your outfit, but they are versatile on the road - use them as blankets or a sophisticated cover up for any attire, whether it be business or casual.

The tips above are meant to guide your decision-making process when packing for any trip. A good rule of thumb is to pack two to three days in advance, then revise your packing strategy the day before, if need be. That way, you're sure to not miss so much as a single bobby pin.

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