Transition Time: Summer to Fall Beauty Trends and Tips



Fall is upon us and pumpkin-spice lattes are already available in every coffee shop, and everyone knows that is the real sign that autumn has arrived.  But, before you get in line for the year’s most anticipated hot beverage, it’s time to make a few switches in your beauty routine. Not only does fall call for deeper, darker looks, your skin and hair need different types of care as the temperature starts to drop.

Trade waves for curls – If you spent the summer trying to get your freshly-washed hair to look like you just came out of salty sea, it’s time to transition to a slightly more refined look.  Moving away from carefree beach waves toward big, fat, loose curls is a subtle change that allows you ease into the season. However, there’s still enough humidity in the air that curls can fall flat moments after with walk out the door. Allure has the scoop on making curls last all day and the secret is plenty of prep before picking up the curing iron. Go light on the conditioner and then saturate the tresses with mousse before spraying small sections with conditioner. Once the curls are cool, finish off the look with texturing spray.

Swap your skin care products – For summer, the key to good skin care was to keep things fresh and avoid heavy products that could clog pores.  As the temperature drops, skin dries out. The lightweight products that you stocked up on in July and August might not have enough moisturizing oomph to keep skin supple in October and November. For fall, toss your gel or foam-based cleansers and opt for cream versions instead. You’ll also need good lotions and moisturizers for both body and face. Allure has the rundown on the ingredients to shop for, including glycerin, which can help pull moisture from the air into your skin. While you are swapping our your skin care products, there is one summer essential that you will want to hang on to. Sunscreen isn’t just for days at the beach and just because the sun doesn’t seem as bright this season, skin still needs protection from UV rays.

Get ready for deeper lip colors – It’s time to say farewell to summer’s fuchsia and coral lip shades. But, it’s also not quite time to welcome the deep, dark wine and oxblood shades of winter.  For fall, look for shades such as raspberry, burgundy and aubergine that bridge the gap. While winter will be all about solid coverage and matte finishes, for now, stick to sheer and translucent shades in deeper hues. The lighter finishes allow you to move gently into the cold seasons without plunging into full winter looks. However, fall and winter shades aren’t ideal for everyone. Attending cosmetology school at Marinello can help you learn to find seasonal looks that work with different complexions and skin tones.

Get darker nails that last – For fall, manis and pedis are moving away from the ballet pink and nudes that were the rage this summer.  Now is the time to slick on deep, moody shades. This season, navy nails are going to be big, as are mushroom, olive, copper and smoky purples and grays. The down side to darker manicures is that chips and cracks are much more evident than they are on light colors. This means that manicures need to stay pristine and intact for days rather than hours. Cosmopolitan has 17 tips for making manicures last longer, including blotting nails with vinegar to remove moisture before applying polish. When chips or nail growth do leave areas polish-free, you can still extend the life of your manicure for a few more days by camouflaging the area with a coat of glitter or by filing down chipped tips and applying a new layer of top coat.