Train Cases vs. Messy Places

Knowing which products work best and how to apply makeup are not the only things to consider when discussing beauty. An important aspect that girls often overlook is how to store your makeup. It’s definitely quick and easy to toss all your things -- lip glosses, powders, eyelash curlers, concealers- into a large plastic case, but let’s be real, is it really all that good of a way to maintain the products that we spend hundreds of dollars on per year?  In order to make sure your products are being used to their full potential, give close attention to designating specific cases (or sections of a makeup case) to brushes/pencils, liquids/glosses, and powders. Also make sure each item is carefully capped off… there is nothing worse than discovering your liquid liner has coated your bronzer brush (yuck!). That being said, if possible, it’s best to invest in a hard train makeup case (can be found at beauty supply stores including Ulta and Sephora). They are an excellent way to make products accessible and organized. Also consider this: the better you keep your brushes, the less likely you are to threaten your skin with germs that can cause breakouts. In addition, keeping your makeup organized is a good way to avoid wasting it (no spillage!). With the exception of travel, think twice before you head out the door with your makeup tossed in a dirty, slouchy case. Instead, take the time out to treat your products with the respect they deserve and you will surely be reaping the benefits.