Topshop Unique AW 2013

Think 90's Brit-pop, embracing opposites, structured work pieces under over-sized separates and you have yourselves the Topshop Unique's AW (Autumn/Winter) 2013 Collection. Topshop Unique is the brand's higher-end label, arriving Stateside only recently and available in select Need Supply Co. stores. Although Spring has literally just arrived (regardless of the winter-like temperatures on the East Coast), the fashion-forward can look ahead for upcoming trends, styles and how timeless classics can be reinvented. The secret to personal style - pulling out pieces, instead of trends, that can be incorporated into your daily ensemble. Below are elements of Topshop Unique's AW 2013 Collection you can pull for your Spring wardrobe: Photo Courtesy:

While the below-the-knee A-line skirt may be reminiscent of the 1950's, it's no coincidence that almost 70 years later, it's still donned on the runways by designers and still recommended by stylists. Exuding a demure and innocent look, sequins and the light pink color amplify this innocence. While the skirt remains a staple, pairing this with a crop top and a beige-colored moto jacket gives it a bit of an edge. For Spring, add a loose, colorful crop top instead, in a light, beige color, one that complements this party skirt!

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Topshop Unique’s collection embraces opposites through its combinations of fitted and over-sized pieces, different fabrics and textures as well as combining creamy colors with geometric prints. Demonstrating this juxtaposition from the look shown above, sleek, tailored bronze pants coupled with an over-sized furry white sweater screams powerful office-chic. For Spring, keep the tailored pants but forego the sweater as the weather gets warmer – instead, add a fitted, sleeveless peplum top for a feminine and balanced look.

For the rest of the Topshop Unique AW2013 Collection, you can view them here. Whether you define your style as bold and dramatic or conservative and clean-cut (or both), pull out your favorite elements from this collection and incorporate them creatively into your wardrobe! Let us know your favorite elements on Facebook!