Top Street Trends - NYFW 2013

New York Fashion Week (NYFW) brings together some of the world's most influential designers, stylists, media publications, photographers and videographers, to name the least. All in the name of fashion, these professionals often don the work of those shows whom they are attending. While it may be awe-inspiring to spot Anna Wintour, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue, on the front rows sporting her most classic, daring and feminine looks, we neglect to spot the beauty of street style. Check out below for the top trends in street fashion, spotted during NYFW.

Black and White Trend:

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The focus may be on floral prints, neon separates and geometric shapes this Spring, but photographer Mr. Newton elegantly captures socialite Zanna Roberts-Rossi in a black and white ensemble. Classically well-suited, the fitted, white tuxedo pants balance out the masculinity of her menswear-inspired blazer and footwear.

Cobalt Blue Trend:

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Cobalt blue has been a color trend since Spring 2012, if not for its simultaneous deep and warm undertones and for its versatility. Joanna Hillman rocks in this bright, cobalt blue Stella McCartney blazer, especially when paired with black track pants and an Alexander Wang bustier.

The Color Block Trend:

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Skeptics may have been hesitant at first, but NYFW 2013 has seen a number of fashion week's attendees decked out in some of the most eye-popping colors, as Dr. Lisa Airan wears above, or in some of the most neutral color combinations. A trend that desires the attention of fashion's most influential head nods, color blocking is perfect when two (or three, or four!) well-combined colors are worn as a shift dress, as separates or even on your footwear!

Over-sized Sweater Trend:

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It's no question that NYFW for Spring always falls in the North's most fierce, cold, winter winds.  Many attendees, such as Frida Gustavsson (above), donned over-sized sweaters for a chic, contemporary and comfortable look during NYFW. The teal color and its faux-fur accents boast a powerful, independent look, especially when fearlessly paired with a black, chiffon maxi skirt.

We're sure to see more trends emerge on the runways and on the streets during NYFW. Let us know of your most coveted trends, spotted on the streets on New York!