Top Beauty Don'ts by Heather Green

Born and raised in North Carolina, Heather Green has worked as a fashion and beauty consultant as well as freelancing for various wedding, fashion, and health publications. She currently acts as the resident blogger for Online Nursing Degrees where she’s been researching maternal nursing programs as well as community health nursing programs.

Top Beauty Don’ts

Makeup and fashion allow us to stretch our imagination and to express our creativity and our personalities. We can become different people, or express our inner spirits. But with so much room to explore, it is easy to go a little too far off the beaten path and make some true beauty faux pas. Sometimes, you just have to break the rules, and taste is subjective, but there are a few basic rules that you should not break.

Don’t Go to Bed without Washing Your Face

Proper skin care is one of the most important aspects of your beauty regime. It will help you look younger longer, and it will help your skin to stay bright and healthy looking, which will enhance your natural beauty. Be sure to always wash your face before you go to bed at night – taking care to wash away any makeup residue or other skin care products. Going to bed with makeup on your face will contribute to clogged pores and fine lines. Be sure to exfoliate daily to encourage cellular renewal and then moisturize to keep skin soft and pliant.

Don’t Overpluck Your Eyebrows

Do you have to draw on your eyebrows? Or do you have to use a pencil to fill them in? Then they’re probably too thin. Eyebrows that are too thin can make your face look old and can be very unflattering to your features. If you have plucked your eyebrows too thin, it is time to let them grow in and start from scratch. Take the time to go to a salon and get a consultation. An esthetician can provide feedback on what shapes might be most flattering to your face.

Don’t Overdo It

It can be easy to go to excess with makeup. Maybe you do a little too much bronzing, a little too much illuminating, a little too much lining. The result is that you look aged and too suntanned, or that you are shining with the intensity of a disco ball, or that your face looks like a clown did your makeup. Less is often more. While dramatic looks do require more makeup and more intensity, most flattering looks can be achieved with only a few flourishes. The key is to compliment your features, not to cover them up.

Don’t Follow Trends

Yellow eye shadow and lipstick may look good on Rhianna, but it won’t look good on me. Ditto for bright red lips, green liners, or too pink blushes. Just because something is in fashion doesn’t it mean it will look good on you. Don’t follow trends just because they’re trends. If one appeals to you, and it fits in with your aesthetic, try it out. But don’t try to force something that doesn’t work.

Don’t Wear Old Makeup

Make sure you sweep through your collection every few months and clear out anything that is out of date or out of fashion. Wearing old makeup can lead to clogged pores and can make you looked older and more tired and dull. And clearing out your old makeup will give you an excuse to buy new! Who doesn’t love the opportunity to try out new shades and new products?

Though these are some general guidelines of the things you should not do in beauty, the No. 1 rule is always that there are no rules. Do what works for you, and you will always look your best.