Tips For Soft Hands + 7 Day Challenge

This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with NEUTROGENA® and Latina Bloggers Connect. All opinions are my own.

Having moisturized hands is a must for me once the weather starts getting as cold as it has been lately. My hands need to feel smooth, soft and look great as well. There's no point in getting a beautiful manicure if you're going to walk around with dry-looking hands. Not only do your hands not feel good, but they won't look good either.


For the past several weeks I felt like I was auditioning different hand creams and no one was making the cut. Some were overly moisturizing leaving my hands greasy while others barely got the job done. It wasn't until I decided to take the NEUTROGENA® NORWEGIAN FORMULA® 7-day challenge that I found my match in hand creams. For the past week I kept this hand cream in my purse and used it any time my hands needed a little pick-me-up. The cold weather and the constant washing of my hands easily dries them out, but using this hand cream was a pleasant experience.

The NORWEGIAN FORMULA hand cream has been developed by dermatologist to ensure you get everything you need from a hand cream. The formula is lightweight and quickly absorbs into the skin. No more worrying about having a greasy feeling after applying cream -- which is major for me! Not only do your hands feel moisturized instantly after applying the hand cream, but it continues working for you throughout the day. This hand cream nourishes your hands in the long run by creating a barrier around the skin and ensuring that they stay softer longer. I was sold on the product from the moment I first tried it, but taking the 7-day challenge solidified my opinion. This hand cream really does keep your hands soft all day long.


My tips for making sure your hands stay smooth and soft everyday -- exfoliate your hands 2-3 times a week. Also apply hand cream at night before bed so that the formula goes straight to work and you start your day off with soft hands. Are you struggling with dry hands? Take the NEUTROGENA® NORWEGIAN FORMULA® 7-day challenge and I guarantee, soon after, this will be the least of your concerns.