Tips For Hosting A Ladies' Casino Night

Pretty young woman playing with poker cards and chips When it comes to poker and casino activity, we tend to hear about them being divided into two very distinct categories: online gaming and live gaming in actual casino venues. To be sure, both are enjoyable activities for those who enjoy a bit of gambling, and each offers its own unique thrills and advantages. But they also don't tell the whole story for those who enjoy gambling. After all, what about hosting a poker night for you and your friends?

In this post, we're going to look at this idea, and actually take things a step further, beyond poker alone. Here are some fun tips for how to have the ladies over and host a full-blown home casino night!

Think Up A Drink Theme In any sort of home casino party, some classy cocktails absolutely have to be present! In a post on hosting casino night, the LA Splash Magazine recommends going with a James Bond theme for cocktails, and serving up some dirty martinis (shaken, not stirred, of course), but you can also take a seasonal approach. For a winter casino night go with something cozy and fun like alcoholic eggnog or a schnapps-based sweet cocktail; for spring and summer, opt for daiquiris or mojitos.

Stock Up On Cards It sounds obvious, but be sure to have enough decks of cards on hand! A deck to play and a deck to keep as a spare probably won't do it. Plus, having a few extra decks allows you to keep the games moving quickly, putting one deck in play while a reserve is shuffled, etc. And speaking of shuffling, it can't hurt to wow the ladies with a few nifty shuffling tricks, as hostess!

Keep Rules On Hand If you're hosting casino night, chances are you and the ladies know what you're doing. But even experienced poker players can occasionally forget something basic, like what wins between a Flush and a Straight. Keep a rule sheet, or even a card rule book like According To Hoyle on hand for minor rule complications or questions.

Splurge On Equipment You don't need to totally break the bank, but if you're hosting casino games, you should have some casino equipment! Purchase a nice felt card table or two, and some high quality chips, to better simulate a real life casino experience. Ultimate Poker Supplies is a fairly reliable choice, or you can try to find cheaper options on Ebay or Amazon.

Set Up Some Casino Games OK, so bringing in actual slot machines or arcade games is probably a bit excessive. But online casinos can solve this problem in a very enjoyable way for a home gaming night. At the Betfair Casino, there are all kinds of digital options that you can easily substitute for a real slot machine and/or arcade game. If you set up a few computer, laptop, or tablet screens with their online slots, jackpots, and other featured games displayed, you can diversify your casino night in an entirely new (and unique) way.

Break Out The Finger Food

Eating a full, sit-down meal while gambling is never very convenient, but your friends will surely want some snacks to go with those delicious cocktails. Woman's Daily has a number of great suggestions for just this situation. They include everything from "Chipotle Shrimp Cocktail Bites" to "Chicken Satay Skewers."

Beyond these tips, it's really all about personal touch. You can organize the gameplay—how about your own tournament?—and decorate your home any way you please to get the exact feel you want out of a casino night. Then just pour the drinks, deal the cards, and have fun!