Tips For Better Sleep

Sure, coverup can mask bags under your eyes, but when you really want to feel your most beautiful, a good night's rest is key.


To ensure a full night's sleep that will guarantee you feeling refreshed and energized, (which will ultimately be visible to others), consider these tips:

Exercise in the Morning

To get your day started right and to avoid the struggle to fall asleep at night, try to fit a morning workout into your daily routine. Whether it's as simple as going for walk, doing 50 crunches on your bedroom floor, or doing 30 minutes on the treadmill, any and all types of exercise will help you be able to relax later on.


Maintain Wake up and Bed Times

Consistency is a large portion of what keeps us feeling fully rested. Try to wake up and go to sleep within 2 hours of the same time everyday to get your body used to a routine that suits your schedule's needs. Going to bed at 3 am one night and then at 8 pm the next won't supply you with the rest you initially lacked; keep the hours the same and you will find it much easier to get yourself out of bed in the morning.

Drink Water, Not Caffeine

You may think that you need coffee to make it through the day, but training your body to become energized naturally without the aid of caffeinated beverages will make it that much easier to sleep and rise well.

water bottle


Eat Well-Portioned Meals

Eating big meals will have your digestion system working for hours; consuming small meals before bed will help your body reach a state of total relaxation much faster. Avoid eating a big dinner and you will find yourself feeling all around healthier and ready better relaxed at night.

Make Your Bedroom a Strict Sleeping Environment

What determines our ability to fall asleep largely comes from how our minds interpret bedroom environments. Make sure that where your sleep is a place devoted to relaxation. There should be little association with your bed and work, or even television for that matter. Think of your bedroom as a sanctuary for relaxation; a place for calming music, reading a book, or lighting a candle. Forcing yourself to see your bedroom in this light will help relieve you of your outside stresses when it is time for bed, making sleep an achievable goal.