Tip Tuesday: Faux Fur Winter Trend

Some people may find that winter is simply a nuisance between the below freezing temperatures and snow. However, negatives certainly don’t exist when it comes to Winter fashion! Winter is in full effect and so is Winter fashion. 20f0b95f9114c2dc665c18b369488a14

Winter is one of the only seasons where you can layer as much clothing and accessories as you’d like without completely sweating or feeling uncomfortable. After you’ve finally finished getting ready in your Winter fashion attire, it’s time to put on your winter coat.  Okay… so we have the cute outfit picked out, but the coat is just as important since it will have to cover the outfit for a period of time.  However, coats can be just as trendy. Use your coats and vests as a way to make your outfit special and warm.



The green top & fur vest pictured above are from Alba Boutique.

One coat trend that is a must have this year is the yeti style-- which is a shaggy type of faux fur. These coats and vests are definitely meant to make a statement and come in all types of lengths. In fact, even the length of the fur comes in different lengths. Popular styles of faux fur for the edgy glam doll might include an 'ombre' style, which is similar to the hair style where the colors in the vest have a gradient of color, or even a leopard print design.


Faux fur accessories are super cute, stylish, and most importantly - warm! Some cute ideas may include, gloves, boots, scarves, hats, leg warmers, purses, earmuffs and head-wraps. Basically, almost any accessory that you may need to complete your outfit probably comes in faux fur, which is why it is such a big trend for winter 2014.

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