Style Tips From the dOllhouse's Tina B.

Hey Style Lovers! Here are stylist Tina B’s Top 11 Style Tips! Tina is stylist, an image coach, and owner/founder of The dOllhouse styling site. Tina has styled on TV shows, photoshoots, and personal events. She even revamps the messiest of closets. Here are her fab tips:

1. Be Comfortable! You can’t work an outfit if you’re not entirely comfortable with it and in it. If you’re not comfy, TAKE IT OFF! It’ll show in your body language.

2. Dress for YOUR Body Type! Not everyone is made the same, just because your friends or celebrities wear it, doesn’t always mean you can too! Find what fits you, fabulous comes in all sizes!

3. Be Original! Don’t copy. Recreating or imitating a look is great, but try to put your own personal spin on it. Originality is what sets you apart from the rest. Dare to be different!

4. Be Confident! The sexiest thing a woman can wear is confidence! No matter what you’re wearing. From couture to sweat pants, if you’re confident & secure that’s what will keep others interested.

5. Experiment! Try new things. Take your self out of the fashion or “trendy” rut and try something YOU like, rather than what society says you should like. Who knows, maybe you’ll start a trend!

6. Mix It Up! Something doesn’t always have to be expensive to look good. Mixing high-end and inexpensive pieces can create a fresh new look AND keep some green your pocket! Head to toe couture can sometimes be overkill and vice –versa, a whole cheap outfit can look like just that! It’s all about how you wear it!

7. Flaunt The Positives! Enhance your best features. Find what you like most about your self and play it up! Focusing on the dislikes will only make for an unhappy dressing or shopping experience. And we NEVER want that!

8. Colors Should Compliment, Not “Match”! Red shoes, bag, jewelry and top are NOT necessary and very outdated. The color wheel is an awesome thing, 2 completely opposite colors can “go” together even when you think they might not. They can compliment each other with out taking away from the outfit. Like red & lime green or yellow & cerulean!

9. Size Doesn’t Matter! A common problem we experience is finding the right size and worrying about what size that may be. All clothes are made differently which means “your” size can vary from store to store. A lot of women get discouraged because they’re a size 4 in one store but a size 6 in another. This doesn’t mean anything expect that the particular clothing line/store cut their clothes a little bigger or smaller. No one but you is looking at the size tag; buy what fits not what size sounds better!

10. Friends Don’t Let Friends Waste Good Clothes! What’s old to them is new to you! Walking into someone else’s closet means a brand new selection of clothes/shoes! And the same goes for yours! Swap with your girls, have trade parties! As long as its in great condition, don’t let it hide in the closet, bring those unused clothes back to life!

11. Live Every Day Like You’re On A Runway! Look your best everywhere you go! There’s always someone watching…because life IS a fashion show!

Briella from Jerseylicious

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