Thrift Shopping Guide

Unpiled clothing. Unsized racks. Unsorted jeans, jackets, dresses. Such is the beauty of thrift shopping. For some of us, thrift shopping evokes feelings of wonder, exploration and excitement. For others, thrift shopping becomes a corn maze of all things fashion. While the initial excitement of sorting through racks upon racks of clothing may wear off after a while, it's best to keep in mind your goals before, during and even after thrifting. There are certain kinds of items that are unique to thrift stores - be it a leather jacket or printed jumpsuits. Thrift shopping not only requires patience, a positive attitude and a goal in mind, but it also requires a good, creative eye.


Costume jewelry tends to be more abundant in thrift stores, if not for the vintage feel it lends itself. When thrift shopping for costume jewelry, it's best to invest in a piece that is versatile, high-quality and unique. Adding costume jewelry to any ensemble is a simple way to add a bohemian look or vintage flair to any outfit. Ensure the piece you purchase is one you love - costume jewelry is hard to come by and each piece is a one of a kind!


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For Spring and Summer 2013 seasons, prints have returned and have done so in full effect. Ranging from bold black and white stripes to small floral prints, this season's prints have been both daring and loud to chic and minimalistic. Vintage stores make available a wide array of unique prints, from unexpected color combinations to your classic floral or polka dot prints. Keep an eye out for statement prints, such as blouses having unexpectedly large floral patterns or wide legs incorporating a mixture of prints.


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One of the most timeless materials of all time is leather. Vintage options are relatively more affordable than ones that are off-the-rack, adding value to your piece in the long run. When it comes to leather, anything goes, but pay heed to your personality. Does the studded leather jacket speak to you? Or do the fringed ends on a cropped leather number catch your attention? Whatever the case, ensure that it is not only a timeless piece, but one which is timeless for you.

The value of patience is one which is exercised across all vintage stores, for that perfect thrift find. For those into thrift shopping, it's not only the joy of discovering a vintage piece, but it's the journey itself. You can enjoy it - and after a few visits to the thrift shop, you'll find it becomes part of your shopping routine. Let us know of more thrift shopping secrets you can share with us!