Things To Pack For A Blogging Conference

Last year I attended my very first blogging conference -- the We All Grow Summit by LBC (Latina Bloggers Connect). Not only was it my first attending a conference, but I was also a speaker for their blogging panel. Next week I am heading back to California for the 2nd We All Grow Summit conference and will be speaking once again, this time on a YouTube panel. This time around I'm a lot more confident going in. I learned some lessons from attending last year and I'm practically ready for take-off.

Pack Enough Business Cards


This is the first BIG lesson I learned last year. I didn't order business cards in time and went to the conference with the few I had left. Within the first day I was completely out. While the conference is for bloggers and influencers, many brand representatives will also be in attendance. Each brand rep that I spoke to wanted a business card. On the last day there were some I literally could not give a card to, but I made sure to grab theirs and shoot them an email. *Side Note: If you feel comfortable get business cards with your photo on it (especially if you're a fashion/beauty blogger). It'll be impossible for the person with your card to forget you when your photo is right on it ;)

My favorite place to order business cards from is Moo. They have incredible quality and so many options to choose from.

Don't Over-Pack


Naturally, I over-packed for this trip. It was my first time going to California and took everything with me, even my huge DSLR. Usually at these conferences you're going to walk away with a bunch of swag. Everyday when I went back to my room there'd be a huge bag of goodies, from the sponsors, waiting for me. Not to mention I had done a little shopping out there too. I ended up having to throw some things out in order to fit all the new stuff. By the time I landed back in Jersey my luggage had broken. This time around I'll make sure to leave space in my luggage.

Plan Your Outfits

This goes back to not over-packing. I know it can be hard to plan outfits, because we change our minds all the time. But, try and pre-plan outfits and shoes in order to save room your luggage. Trust me -- you won't end up wearing half the stuff you take anyways.

Take Comfortable Shoes

You should have seen the heels I wore on day 1 of the conference -- too high. By day 2 I was ready for comfortable shoes. Luckily I was staying in the same hotel that the conference was taking place in so I was able to go back and change.

Take A Portable Phone Charger


Conference days are long and most likely you'll be on your phone all day -- it's a blogging conference after all. Having a portable phone charger or case will be super convenient.

One last big tip for you is to try and book a room at the actual hotel your conference is taking place at. This makes things really convenient and easy for you. When there are breaks throughout the day you can go take a break in your room. And swag bags are delivered straight to your room. Unless you're not staying the same hotel -- in that case you have to carry everything back to where you are staying. Also, many of the attendees will be staying at the hotel and this gives you the opportunity to get to know more of your peers.

Have fun at your next conference and if you haven't been to one yet, definitely give it a try at least once. You leave those things feeling so motivated and inspired and if you're lucky you also leave with life-long friends.