The Ultimate Spring 2013 Fashion Formula

Every season, I look for a  " fashion formula ". In other words, it's a tried and true fashion combo that I can always rely on. It's for the days when we girls just don't have a clue what to wear or we have too much on our plate to be " stylish". I'm a firm believer that fashion and style should be available to every girl and woman out there regardless of your budget, shape, or lifestyle! So, here's my bulletproof spring 2013 fashion formula for you high school students, soccer moms, and even independent women.


Spring 2013 Fashion = Loose Knit Tee+ Silk Shorts+ Statement Blazer+ Carry All Tote + Strappy Sandals

Start with your basics! A loose  t-shirt and a pair of your favorite shorts act as the foundation for the statement pieces. For a bold, trendy look, add a colorful or printed blazer. There are inexpensive options at Forever 21, and even the LC fashion line at Kohl's by Lauren Conrad. If you want to go a little more low-key, try a lightweight cardigan or chiffon blazer. Now...the fun part! Pile on your favorite funky bangles, throw on a strappy heel or flat sandal, and you're ready to go on a picnic, out to lunch, or on your next wild adventure.