The Ultimate Mascara - Lash Control

You know how when you use mascara clumps of it always seems to come out. Just when I had gotten used to keeping tissue by my side while applying mascara (to wipe the excess mascara off) I found the solution: Lash Control.

Lash Control is practically the perfect mascara. You have the control with this mascara. While you're taking the wand out of the tube squeeze the middle of the tube (it's a gelly-like middle). Squeezing determines the amount of formula that comes out of the tube. This means no more clumps of mascara coming out.

Lash Control is a genius product! I have the clear, pink and purple. The clear is just a clear formula - It adds shine and you can use it to keep your eyebrows in place. The pink one is a black formula. It's a lengthening and conditioning formula with a full, tapered brush.  The purple one is also a black formula for volumizing and conditioning with a zig-zag brush. This is a must in every beauty mavens makeup bag.

There are other colors to choose from. Check Lash Control out today!