The Solution to Chipped Manicures

Are you tired of ruined manicures over chipped nail polish? You're not the only one. The nail industry has found a close to perfect solution: Gel Manicures. After hearing about it for some time I finally decided to try it out for the holidays and since then I've been hooked.

It's really simple and almost like a regular manicure. At my nail salon they started by giving me a manicure as usual and filed my nails to make them smooth and even. OPI has a collection of gel polishes, but I got to try a collection called Gelez. My nails were coated with a clear coat of Gelez and dried in the UV drier. Then they applied two coats of Gelez in the color Pink Cosmo.

After a few minutes in the UV drier your nails will be dried to perfection and shiny. The gel manicure is supposed to last 2 weeks. Its been a week now since I had them done and my manicure is still perfect looking as if I just had my nails done. Usually by this time, with a regular manicure I'd be removing the nail polish, because one or two nails will have chipped.

So if you're busy, always running around or want to get your money's worth on a manicure then try this. I spent $25, but I'm sure it varies by nail salon.

My gel manicure was done by Gelez. Here are some of the colors they have to offer: