The Social Bride hosted by AJ Socialites

On Saturday, April 13th, AJ Socialites, a small event planning business, hosted its first "The Social Bride" event. This event was developed by the two women behind this business, Jennifer Biggers and Anyelis Cordero. Their vision? To create a platform for brides-to-be to share their thoughts, feelings, challenges and excitement regarding their big day. Jennifer and Anyelis also made it a goal for each bride-to-be to walk away with a few tools - namely, an organizational chart they developed for the day of the wedding and an amazing giveaway (that I won!) by organic line L'eudine.

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My bridesmaid and I walked into the vanilla-scented apartment and were instantly welcomed by its intimate setting. Dim lighting, deliciously healthy appetizers and "Pink Martini" on Pandora added just the right amount of touch for a small event. After opening up the event with introductions and a brief description of its purpose, Jennifer and Anyelis facilitated an icebreaker which required each attendee to grab an escort card of their choice, write their name and choose one word describing them during the wedding planning process.

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Jennifer and Anyelis followed up with helpful discussions regarding wedding planning challenges and the group was able to offer each other sound advice and words of wisdom for each bride-to-be's challenge. Additionally, an event for brides-t0-be would not be complete without mentioning beauty, for that special day!

Regarding bridal make-up, the facilitators as well as the group suggested for the bride-to-be to don airbrushed make-up, for maximum staying power and to decrease the risk of looking "cakey" during wedding day. Becoming popular due to its high-definition finish, airbrushed make up is literally applied with an airbrush, eliminating the need for makeup being applied with sponges, brushes or fingers. For an event such as a wedding, airbrushed makeup is usually favored, as the bride will continuously be taken pictures of and will rely on its staying power through all the dancing, visiting tables and cake-cutting moments involved.

Towards the end, I was fortunate enough to win a line of products by L'uedine, a natural product line for beauty and health. The package was complete with "Silky Hands, Sugar Scrub and Essential Oils", "Aloe Vera Gel", "Biotherapy Refreshing Splash" (with Eucalyptus and Menthol) and "Herbal 35", an essential oil used to eliminate headaches, insomnia and muscular aches. This product line was not only ideal for the health-conscious bride - its infusion of essential oils and calming effects prove to be ideal for brides who seem stressed and anxious during the planning process.

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AJ Socialites created the ideal platform for the bride-to-be; too often, brides-to-be are juggling a full-time job (sometimes on top of a part-time position), responsibility to family and friends, their hobbies and wedding planning. Saturday, April 13th was our time - our time to relax, indulge in food and share stories with other brides-to-be who can identify with similar challenges and excitements. AJ Socialites's creativity, warmth and passion were made evident through the success of this event! For more information regarding their event-planning creativity or to inquire about their services, be sure to check out their Facebook, website, as well as their blog!