The Secret To Being Tan This Summer: Maui Babe

Memorial Day Weekend just passed which means after a long, cold winter (on the east coast anyways) it's finally SUMMER! Yes, the best time of the year has arrived. The sun stays out later, it's warm and for the next three months you carry on as if you have no care in the world -- haha well as long as it's a day off of work! On our days off during the Summer what better place to spend it than on a warm, sunny, Beach. My beach bag remains permanently packed from Memorial Day Weekend all the way until Labor Day Weekend. Now, if you know me I'm what they call a tan-a-holic. I love the warmth on my skin, tanning all year around and I've tried 100's of tanning products ranging from indoor to outdoor. I've tried bronzing lotions, tinglers and tons of popular brands. After laying outside for hours I wouldn't see the slightest difference!



I remember being at the beach once and seeing this woman who was super dark. I asked her, "How are you this dark?" She replied, "Maui Babe Browning Lotion". First off I love the name and the use of the word Browning, because that is exactly what it does. I ordered an 8oz bottle that night and 2 summers later I still have that same first bottle with enough for more uses. A little bit of this lotion goes a long way. Maui Babe Browning Lotion is made from a secret family formula (OH MY GOD what I would do to find out what is this summer tan amazing secret is!). Also has a mixture of all natural Hawaiian ingredients with aloe included as well. Maui Babe also offers an After Browning Lotion that can be applied to sun-damaged skin, salt water and even wind. That lotion is great for preventing peeling and flaking skin.



My favorite part about this product, other than it works really fast, Maui Babe has something in its formula that attracts the sun to your skin so laying out after applying the tanning lotion will get you a guaranteed tan. Maui Babe is safe for all skin types even the fairest skin types to the most sensitive. They do also have an SPF 30 sunscreen which I recommend for everyone. Protecting your skin from the sun is important even when you're trying to catch some color. 

I'm from the east coast and thanks to this product I never look orange because of the secret browning formula! I'm so happy I met that super tan woman that day at the beach, because I was introduced to the holy grail of tanning lotions! I think everyone needs to invest and order this product as soon as possible so you can use it all summer long!
Maui Babe products can be ordered online. They also offer bundle deals too get all the products at a cheaper price which is amazing!
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