How To Get The Best Tan & Make It Last

Wether you’ve had horrible self-tanning experiences in the past, have never done it yourself or just want to know how to make your tan last -- I’ve laid out these simple rules to follow. Say goodbye to streaks, messes and tans that fade away too quickly. These rules also apply to spray tans at a salon. All your how to apply self-tanner questions are answered:

  1. Prep: Before you even think about applying that tanning lotion or spray you must get your body prepared for it. Shower, shave and exfoliate. This will allow for the tanning solution to glide on properly on smooth skin. (I like to tan right before bed. With most spray tans and self-tanners the color develops within several hours. Instead of waiting around for your skin to darken, you’ll wake up tan and ready to go.)
  2. Gloves or Sponge: I have used tons of different self tanning lotions and spray and the most annoying part is trying to remove the orange from your hands when your done. Wear gloves or use a sponge designed for applying tanning solution. I know that Ulta sells a mitt ($4.99) designed to apply self-tanner.
  3. Set Up: Apply lotion to your knees, elbows and feet. The color will appear much darker on those spots and lotion will prevent too much color from attaching.  Pull your hair back and start applying the self tanner from your neck and work your way down. (Make sure you’re in a brightly lit room so you can see exactly where the color is being applied.)
  4. Dry Up: Once you have applied your tanner to the entire body let it dry for a minute or two and then put some PJ’s that you don’t mind if a little color rubs off on it.
  5. Face?: I personally apply self-tanner to my face but some people prefer not to. Just like your body, make sure you have exfoliated your skin for the most even application. If you choose to tan your face just apply a little. (When you wear makeup and bronzer you can always add more color to your face.)
  6. Moisturize: Now that you have self-tanner all over your body it’s time to moisturize. Apply a thick lotion and a good moisturizer to your face. Do this twice a day. Keeping your skin hydrated will allow your tan to last much longer.
  7. Shower: In the shower use a body wash and scrub with your hands. Using a loofah will remove the color you worked so hard on getting.

And wa-lah you now have the knowledge necessary to get the best tan possible.  And if you’re wondering if there’s a self-tanner out there that doesn’t leave that nasty tanning odor behind then you’re in luck because I just found it. Click here to find out which amazing smelling tanner I’m currently using!