The Right Makeup For Your Eye Shape

Identifying the shape of your eyes gives you the opportunity to create more flattering looks. Almond Eyes


Almond eyes are both the most common and the easiest to work with. As a whole, the most flattering almond eye makeup can be created by covering the entire lid, (all the way to your brow), with a light matte shadow. Darker shadows can then be applied to the outer corners. Mascara on both the upper and lower lashes with further enhance this pretty eye shape, as will eyeliner if it is applied thoughtfully (not too little, not too much).

Hooded Eyes



With hooded eyes, the goal is to create the appearance of depth. As a general rule, people with hooded eyes should stick to matte color shadows as shiny colors can result in increased puffiness. To open up the eye further, avoid creating definite lines. Instead of liner, use a dark shadow to line your eye lid; smudge the line near the corners.

Deep Set Eyes


Start by applying light-colored shadow/makeup to most of the lid and your eyes' inner corners. You can contrast these colors by applying darker shades towards the outer part of your eyes where there is still a crease. People with deep-set eyes should also be careful not to over-do their eyeliner. Liner should be applied lightly until the edges of the lash line; only midway to the edge should you make your eyeliner noticeably dark.

Close Set Eyes


In general, people with close-set eyes aim to make their eyes appear wider. In doing so, use light-colored makeup towards the inner corners or your eyes and fade to darker colors as you work outward with shadow. To put even more emphasis on your eye's enhanced width, use eyeliner strictly on the outer corners. Better yet, elongate them even more by creating wings with your liner in an upswept manner.

Wide Set Eyes


Wide-set eye makeup should be the opposite of close-set makeup. To make the eyes appear closer together, the darkest point of your eye makeup should be applied to the corners nearest to your nose.

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