The Product That Gives Back: FEI'D

Our skin is exposed to so many things including the sun which unfortunetly causes dark spots and discoloration. If this is a problem area for you I’d suggest trying FEI’D. I like applying it in the morning and wearing it underneath my makeup. The scent is refreshing and feels so light.

This super-moisturizer is a two-in-one product but not in the way you’re thinking. FEI’D tackles the toughest damage the sun causes and aids communities and children in need. Right now $5 from proceeds go towards buying kids in South Africa necessary items. Even the packaging is environmentally conscious! Good for the skin, good for the earth -- Now this is the type of product I would be more than happy to invest in.

Recently Meld Labs (the company behind FEI’D) CEO Claire Gutschow went on a trip to South Africa to visit some children. She even gave away copies of her book -- so sweet! Read about her amazing journey here.