The Outstanding Advantages of Face Oils Vs. Creams
 to Combat the Ravages of Winter on your Delicate Skin

Unknown-1 Unknown The organic skincare geniuses at Ila invite you to consider their best-selling, hardest-working item this winter: Face Oil for Glowing Radiance. This concentrated substance is part of an arsenal of natural oils designed to nourish the skin, improving texture and radiance

All living things respond to the changing seasons. Plants and animals completely change their habits in the wintertime, for good reason. Why then, do human beings insist on reaching for the same old creams during the winter? The skin, like our bodies and psyches, needs special coddling in the unforgiving wintertime.

We put our delicate skin tissues through more than the harshness of winter’s cold weather, too. We come in from a snowstorm, turn up the heat inside our homes and never give a thought to our skin’s needs, as it vainly tries to respond accordingly. A hedgehog would have better sense, and probably, healthier skin!

100% Beneficial

Face oils, as opposed to creams, are absorbed into the epidermis – the skin’s top later. This provides a lipid barrier to dehydration, whereas cream moisturisers can sit on the surface of the skin. People often shy away from oils, for fear of them making your skin oily, when often, the opposite is true. Typically, we try and remove oils from the skin, when we should be complementing them.

Cold, as well as the extreme temperature changes we endure every winter, can damage and dry the skin. Over the years, the damage can become more severe. Just a few drops of Ila’s award-wining face oil will begin to reverse the damage, and bring the blessing of renewed life and health to dry, flaky, sensitive skin.

The Essences of Skin Nourishment

Natural oils such as Ila’s Face Oil for Glowing Radiance gently enter into the cells of the skin, encouraging health and renewal. Especially helpful during winter, they easily become a part of the structure of  the skin cells they’re introduced to, whereas creams and lotions tend to provide only a superficial, short-term respite from ongoing skin damage.

Most creams contain waxes and chemicals, while Ila’s Face Oil consists of natural, nourishing oils. Even highly sensitive skin types flourish with renewed vitality when treated to this quickly absorbed serum.

Cherished by both Men and Women

Men and women the world over are choosing natural skin oils such as Ila’s to rehydrate and gently produce a vibrant, living glow. Ila’s Face Oil for Glowing Radiance offers the healing essences of a special collection of serums targeted specifically for rejuvenating the skin.

Precious rosehip seeds and argan are distilled for their fatty acids and anti-oxidants. Rose damascene otto is added for its splendid regeneration properties and intoxicating, subtle fragrance. Sandalwood, natural citronellol, and pure vitamin E oil are also members of the exclusive ingredients that are combined to produce Ila’s luxurious Face Oil for Glowing Radiance.